Chess Piece Expert Recruitment in the NZ IT technology market. Salesforce, CRM, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Devops, Data Science, Marketing Automation.

About Us

Who we are

Experienced IT recruiters servicing the NZ market in the Salesforce, IT Sales, software engineering and cyber security technology markets.

Our Methodology.

On receiving notification of a role we we carry out a full briefing with all the stakeholders in the recruitment process. This is vital to ensuring the success of the hire as often there can be differing ideas on what this person is being hired to do and provide.

Once we have taken the brief and this is signed off by the parties concerned we then advertise the role using various job boards, both nationally and internationally, via an industry specific job posting tool. This enables us to reach multiple platforms of our choice and extend our reach nationally and internationally. Advertising in todays market is expensive and a proportion of your fee goes towards this.

Next using our dedicated delivery team we assign a delivery consultant to the role that sources a shortlist of candidates that would be suitable. Depending on the availability of candidates for the role this shortlisting can take up to two weeks. We've found people for clients in the UK, the USA, Australia, Argentina and Malta!

We are confident in our sourcing methods that use the latest recruitment technologies (no, it's not just Linkedin). In New Zealand within our specialist areas of Salesforce, cyber security, software engineering, Marketing Automation and Executive IT we maintain up to date talent pools of five candidates in each area. Both for contract and permanent hires. These candidates have delivered time and time again and are the best candidates in the market.

On delivery of our shortlist we interview face to face and apply a personality AI tool developed by a company in the USA, that has some very smart people. This tool enables us to shortlist the right person for your role every time.

We then present the shortlist and interviews take place. Our experienced recruiters guide the candidates and the clients through this process and give you back your time to get on with your jobs by applying a low touch, digital experience.

Finally an offer is made, we firmly believe that if we have the brief correct in the first instance the processes we have developed and refined over many years make this a smooth and straightforward experience for all concerned.

Once the best candidate is selected and starts we implement our candidate after care program to ensure that everything is in order and the expectations on both sides are fulfilled.

Upper Echelon look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and to meet and exceed your expectations.