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Experienced IT recruiters servicing the NZ market in the Salesforce, data professionals, software engineering and cyber security technology markets.

We offer three services: Retained, Contingent and Contract Recruitment.

Upper Echelon

Retained Search

Retained Search is the prestige service in our range of recruitment offerings, and with that comes dedicated time, superior expertise and a new level of commitment for your recruitment drive.

Clients choose this approach based on cost, commitment (on both sides) and delivery.

Our consultants and delivery team have a broad knowledge base and are trained in IT concepts and specific recruitment methods to ensure a successful approach to search and selection in the New Zealand IT market.

Contingent Recruitment

Contingent Search works for companies that we haven’t worked with previously, or intend to engage their internal recruitment team on the search as well. Although more expensive than retained, it remains a preferred method for companies looking to employ a low risk approach.

This method of recruitment is also useful to employ when time is of the absolute essence.

Upper Echelon
Upper Echelon

Contract Recruitment

Is used when a company requires a person for a project with an end date, or as a “fill” before sorting out their preferred scenario. Upper Echelon has a state of the art payroll provider based in New Zealand and runs its own digital time sheeting systems. The entire process from start to finish is seamless and compliant with the latest New Zealand payroll legislation and reporting requirements.

Candidates are paid on an hourly or a daily basis and more often than not are professional contractors running their own business. Upper Echelon has an excellent network in their specialist areas of contractors that are available for work at a short notice to provide expertise on a project.

Our Recruiting Process

  • 1.

    Applying for a role

    Apply for an advertised job, or upload your CV as a general ICT job seeker via our website.

  • 2.

    Upper Echelon interview

    An Upper Echelon consultant will meet you or carry out via phone an extensive qualification of what you are seeking from your next move and why. If that aligns with the role we are looking to find someone for then great, if not we will explore your match to other opportunities.

  • 3.

    Fowarding your CV

    If we think you’re a good match for a job. We foward your CV and our consultant’s personalised assessment to the employer.

  • 4.

    Employer interview

    Congratulations, the employer likes the look of your CV!

    The interview process can vary from employer to employer, but it generally involves one to three interviews.

  • 5.

    Background checks

    The employer thinks you’d be a great asset to their team, good work!

    Now we just need to complete a few background checks.

  • 6.

    Job Offer

    The employer is happy with your background checks and would like to offer you a role!